It's spooky time! Fight off hordes of floating skulls, bouncing eyes, dashing aliens and spooky ghosts in this retro-styled 8x8 top-down shooter!

  • 4 different enemy types with unique characteristics
  • Classic arcade action
  • Crunchy visuals and effects




[W] to accelerate / [S] to reverse
[Mouse] to turn




Simple enemy; follows you around! Low health, but decently quick.

This enemy bounces around the screen, regardless of the player's position. A bit slower than a Skull, but beefier!

Similar to a Skull in that it follows the player around, but it is invisible until it gets in close range. Slower than a Skull but has a lot more health!

Does this really even look like an alien? Are aliens even "spooky" nowadays? I don't know. Either way, it charges at you once it gets close. Very quick but low health.


Programming, sound design, and art by Kruxe
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Coded in just under 2 days as part of a personal Halloween game jam! Pretty happy with the results but who knows it might be super buggy haha. Please let me know if you encounter any strange behavior so I can try and fix it! :)


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Installer - Windows 17 MB


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Hello! Just got to play the game earlier and looks great. The power up animation is really cool. The things I'd change is the wrap effect and the player control. I think you could just keep going to the direction you are facing and the camera would follow. About the enemies, in order to not create a bug where they constantly leave the screen, you could set their position to be relative to the player's position plus his vector x and y. The controls I would use WASD and use the mouse only to aim. For a 2 days game, It feels really cool. The feel of hitting the enemy is satisfying. Let me know if you need more feedback about other games in development.


thanks so much for the feedback! the movement is probably one of the areas i was the least sure about, as i think it can feel kinda slippery (if that's the right word to describe it haha) at times. i considered doing a more classic WASD/mouse to aim kind of configuration but i guess i kinda liked the feeling of sliding around haha. yea i spent most of my time trying to make hitting/killing enemies feel satisfying so i'm glad you noticed haha

again i really appreciate the feedback, it's always super helpful to get second opinions :)